Mission & Vission

Mission of the Organization :

“The mission is to facilitate and provide shelter the deprived and subjugated Old Aged, women, Children and BPL to gain access to their entitlements, which is their right and keep our environment green and clean and Providing education to street children. With a firm belief in the essential dignity of the community and in their capability to overcome the forces that exploit them, the Organization views development as a process of empowerment, focusing on people’s participation and the creation of groups and associations at the local level .”

Vision of Organization :

Happy & Healthy life of Elderly People, Economic empowerment, improved information, education to street children, Education and health services were considered to be essential elements of development programs. Central to all these have been the question of enlisting community participation, communication, and management. This vision has been the heart of the Organization.

Our Motto:

The Organization broadly aims at establishing and conducting Elderly Care Home and facilitating socio-economic and personal status development of the people and contributing to alleviate their problems and sufferings in their own environmental habitat. The objectives of the Organization are:

  1. To facilitate. human development (HD) and human resources development (HRD) in a holistic manner, particularly among rural poor including the women.
  2. To establish and conduct Elderly Care Home.
  3. To organize workshops, seminars, orientation/training, and consultation meetings;
  4. To help to build-up community organization at the grassroots level and facilitate their decision making, management capability; and empowerment;
  5. To initiate welfare programs particularly focused on community women, infusing in them a sense of confidence in achieving success, and facilitating their direct involvement in development activities; and
  6. To endeavor for getting-together the voluntary agencies functioning in the region including the new and budding ones for cooperation to work and learn from each other’s experiences.
  7. To provide Health Services to needy people.
  8. To provide caring, medical, residential facilities to needy old aged persons.
  9. To Provide Education to all.


Vill-Apurba Nagar,PO-Natagarh,PS-Ghola,